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Applied Risk

As OT becomes ever more interconnected, it’s key to ensure their cyber resilience. Our team of OT security professionals has extensive experience in safely testing sensitive environments. We comprehensively test your systems without disrupting your operations, and translate our technical findings into actionable recommendations.

Non-intrusive testing for a detailed security evaluation
Applied Risk's OT Penetration Testing services utilise a proven methodology to assess systems, allowing you to address and mitigate risk to your critical production environment.  Our extensive cross-sector experience enables us to conduct assessments with little-to-no impact on the availability or integrity of production processes.

With a comprehensive range of assessments, Applied Risk can target OT networks, applications, components, wireless technologies, social engineering and more. Leveraging these results, our OT cyber security professionals can draw the conclusions you need to address security gaps, and align established controls with internationally recognised best practices of the IEC 62443 standards.

Tailored attack scenarios to drive effective security improvements
Our tailored approach to penetration testing allows you to specify attack surfaces, level of force, disclosed information and complete testing parameters - giving total control of the operation.

With advanced OT cyber security expertise, our offensive security team understands how to minimise risk to live production environments. After assessing your systems, we turn our findings into clearly executable recommendations for management, categorising and prioritising remediation activities.

Accredited Services

Penetration Testing

As ICS become more interconnected, the exposure to network-based cyber incidents increases, putting your production safety at risk. To mitigate, Applied Risk provides the expertise needed to help you understand your system’s current weaknesses, identify and prioritise areas of improvement and align
practices to established industry standards and regulations.

Our team of security experts will evaluate the security of your ICS environments to identify vulnerabilities and other issues which could be exploited by threat actors to impact the availability and integrity of your operational technology environment.

Assessments are tailored to the needs of each client, and can include: internal-, application-, physical- and external penetration testing, embedded device Assessment and wireless assessments.

•  Applied Risk will provide a detailed technical report including:
• An overview of the findings at an executive level.
• A detailed technical analysis and remediation recommendations for vulnerabilities;
• Security vulnerabilities classified according to potential impact and likelihood of exploitation..

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