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Asterisk Information Security

Asterisk Information Security is a specialist consultancy providing our clients with actionable security advice, guidance and solutions to enhance their cyber security and reduce business risk.

Asterisk has an absolute focus on cyber security and risk management. Unlike other integrators and professional services organisations that offer security as a subset of their many service lines, Asterisk is all about security.

We passionately believe that improving cyber security leads to a better world: building the trust and confidence to allow society to embrace change.

Our expert team apply our knowledge and experience to enable clients to reduce cyber security risk and achieve their business goals.

Accredited Services

Penetration Testing

David Taylor
+61 414 636 732
[email protected]


Asterisk is a market leader for the provision of penetration testing and technical security assurance services.

Our services include:

  • Red teaming
  • Infrastructure penetration testing and vulnerability assessment
  • Application security assessment and penetration testing
  • Code security reviews
  • Testing for OT / process control systems / SCADA
  • Mobile application testing (iOS and Android)
  • Active Directory security assessment
  • Social engineering assessment
  • Cloud security assessment


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Address Suite 140
580 Hay Street
WA 6000
Telephone +61 86313 3971
Email [email protected]

David Taylor