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CCL (Solutions) Group

CCL Group provide forensic investigation and cyber security services to help companies interrogate and secure their digital environments.

Integrating digital forensics, data analytics and cyber security gives CCL Group a unique advantage when protecting organisations against evolving threats from outside the organisation and from within.
Under the leadership of the former Director General of the National Crime Agency, CCL Group’s experience in assisting law enforcement to protect the public, and corporate firms with information governance and cyber security is why we are trusted by organisations worldwide.

Accredited Services

Cyber Security Incident Response
Paula Page
+44 (0)7855 132781
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CCL have extensive experience in providing Incident Response services to help limit the cost and reputation damage of a security breach with proven methodology designed to contain the security breach and identify how it occurred. Comprehensive analysis of the situation is performed, supported by practical advice and guidance allowing you to mitigate the future risk to your infrastructure and systems.

(No CREST qualified consultants for this service)
Penetration Testing

Have the confidence you have taken the right steps to manage your security risk with comprehensive penetration testing services performed by our security experts. Test new and existing applications and external facing systems including websites. Provide evidence and credentials of your security posture if imposed by your supply chain, to obtain accreditations.

Mitigate potential cost and reputational damage a breach would cause with penetration testing that identifies and prioritises vulnerabilities, backed up with comprehensive reports and recommendations that provide everything you need to re-produce the issue and address it.

CCL provide a variety of services including:
– Web Application Testing
– Network Infrastructure Testing
– Wireless Network Testing
– Build Reviews
– Network Device Reviews
– Database Configuration Reviews
– Mobile Application Testing
– AWS Configuration reviews

CREST Qualified Consultants:
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Government Schemes

CCL (Solutions) Group is approved for delivery of services under this Scheme.
Address 36 Cygnet Court
Timothy’s Bridge Road
CV37 9NW
Telephone +44 (0)1789 261200
Email [email protected]

Paula Page