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Claranet Cyber Security

Established in 2001, Claranet Cyber Security works with public and private sector clients – including some of the world’s most influential blue-chip organisations to safeguard their critical assets through effective information security.

Claranet Cyber Security delivers all-encompassing security solutions that meet and go beyond basic compliance.  Extensive industry experience and advanced in-house expertise places Claranet Cyber Security at the leading edge of information security in the UK.

Extensive research and development is at the heart of our work to ensure that cutting edge techniques and technologies are adopted across the full service portfolio.


Accredited Services

Intelligence Led Penetration Testing (STAR)
This company's policies and procedures have not been assessed against the CREST criteria for this service.
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Penetration Testing

We are a CHECK ‘Green Light’ and CREST (Infrastructure and Web Applications) accredited penetration testing provider.  Our testing solutions are designed to meet specific needs and compliance standards, including a specialist IT Health Check for public sector organisations and a QSA solution for those affected by PCI DSS.

The deliverable from Penetration Testing is a report that ranks, in order of risk, exploitable weaknesses and makes recommendations that will assist remediation to ensure that the level of risk is reduced to an acceptable level to the business. These services offer a wide range of penetration testing capabilities, from web and internal applications, infrastructure (both external and internal), equipment and wider security testing including Red Teaming.

The use of holistic testing methodologies ensure quality control across testers, but this is combined with a personalised approach, tailored to the individual needs and real-time context of each client.


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Security Operations Centres (SOC)
Robbie Steele (Emergency contact: Paul Jack)
+44 (0)1924 284240

Claranet has a range of security services to suit the customer's organisational needs. We provide the right mix of intelligence, human expertise, and technology to continually protect your organisation from cybersecurity threats. With this continuous monitoring in our safe hands, you can then focus on running your business.

Managed Detection & Response service
Managed Detection & Response from Claranet, provides fast reactions to threats and high-quality alerts enabling you to quickly protect your business and frustrate the attackers progress. Analyst driven, we provide real-time investigation of security alerts generated by applications, device’s, hardware and end points on your network.

The service collects, stores log information from any network or cloud device, system or file. These logs are correlated and continuously analysed for any evidence of threats or breach. Human analysis combines threat intelligence with the log information to accurately verify threats and alerts you when action needs taking.

There are three essential components to MDR:

  • Threat intelligence gathered from a variety of sources about threat actors and current attack vectors you need to defend against.
  • Technology deployed to collect and analyse log traffic to detect, block or isolate specific threats.
  • People, experienced security analysts investigate all indicators of compromise to help you prevent and resolve threats.

Endpoint Detection and Response Service
Your most sensitive data lives on your endpoints and in the cloud. It only takes seconds for malicious activity to infect an endpoint and do harm to your business.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) helps you protect what matters by fortifying every edge of your network with real-time autonomous protection.

Claranet partnered with SentinelOne offer customers a next generation EDR solution that enables you to prevent, detect and undo known and unknown threats with a single button click.  The service will:

  • Detect security incidents
  • Contain the incident at the endpoint
  • Investigate security incidents
  • Provide remediation guidance


2022 will bring new Managed Cloud Security services and a 24x7 coverage model.

Please contact either the SOC or the sales team for more information on service offerings.

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Vulnerability Assessment (VA)
Ben Thornhill
+44 (0)330 390 0504
[email protected]
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Government Schemes


Claranet Cyber Security has been a leading provider of penetration testing, risk management and cyber security auditing services for more than 20 years. With managed services alongside security consultancy services now providing our customers with innovative and agile defensive as well as offensive cyber security capabilities, our vision is to be the UKs most complete cyber security services provider.

With a dedicated team of experienced cyber risk professionals offering consultancy from PCI DSS to ISO27001, from data loss prevention to policy and process building and cyber security maturity – we advise and provide risk assessment solutions for a wide range of assurance and audit requirements, specializing in digital transformation.

Our business is based around providing effective solutions to our customers' challenges. We speak plain English, we don't over-complicate and we remain completely focused on providing the best service possible.


Claranet Cyber Security is approved for delivery of services under this Scheme.
Address Unit 1 Centre 27 Business Park Bankwood Way Birstall West Yorkshire WF17 9TB UK
Telephone +44 (0)1924 284240
Email [email protected]

David Ashton: [email protected]
Wayne Murphy: [email protected]