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CovertSwarm Limited

Founded in 2020, CovertSwarm exists to continually out-pace the cyber threats faced by its clients using a constant cyber attack methodology that blends modern penetration testing, red teaming with clientbespoke research and development. Through our continuous offensives against our client's entire organisational asset-base (people, process, procedures and physical) we close the cyber risk gap that exists between more legacy forms of 'point in time' cyber testing.

Employing full time ethical hackers, and underpinned by our 'Offensive Operations Centre' portal, CovertSwarm's clients gain rapid value from our continuous approach to improving their cyber security posture as we emulate APTs and nation-state levels of covert attack.

We believe in educating our clients on matters of cyber security and 'giving back' to the cyber security community through regular posts, presentations and other information/finding disclosure.

Accredited Services

Intelligence Led Penetration Testing (STAR)

Unlike traditional Red Teams, CovertSwarm operates on two modes: attack AND educate: Through the cyber pressure we induce upon our client’s business infrastructure we not only detect where cyber blind spots exist, but we go on to educate their technology, security and HR teams as to where we were able to exploit these vulnerabilities and what remedial action should be taken.

We make our clients’ cyber estates more resilient and impermeable.

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Penetration Testing

Modern organisations release software and deploy technology changes frequently and at an increasing rate. To avoid the false sense of security that outdated 'snap shot' penetration testing can provide, CovertSwarm closes our clients cyber risk gap by constantly researching, testing and attacking their continually-changing cyber status and exposure to vulnerability exploitation and risk.

CovertSwarm challenges 'point in time' security testing through its modern, offensive, continuous approach to ethical Cyber Security as a Service.

Upgrade your pentest programme today and learn how CovertSwarm constantly strengthens the security of its attacking them and their assets. Every day.

Our ethical hackers are organised into 'Hive' knowledge-exchanges that swarm around our clients delivering insights and value far beyond limited-scope pentest engagements.

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