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CTRL Group

CTRL Group are Asia Pacific's progressive information experts, protecting businesses from cyber risk. Our mission is to safeguard our clients' future by mitigating the financial and reputational impact of cyber breaches and threats. We empower our clients to achieve a respectable level of cyber maturity through a tailored cybersecurity roadmap designed by our cybersecurity specialists. We also work collaboratively with clients by augmenting their IT and security function to effectively deliver best in class solutions specific to their business and security needs.

Our core services include Security Operations Centre, Full Suite of Penetration Tests, Data Risk Assessment, Incident Response and Threat Simulation, Compliance and Policy Uplift, and Cyber Awareness & Training.

Accredited Services

Penetration Testing

CTRL Group provides a best in class full-suite penetration testing, where an attacker’s actions are imitated from multiple avenues. From a technical aspect: this includes from the perspective of an Internal Attacker or disgruntled employee, an External Attacker attempting to breach the perimeter from the internet, or an attacker attempting to exploit coding weaknesses in Web Applications to access backend databases. Non-technical penetration testing includes attempting to trick staff through fraudulent emails, call impersonations, or onsite impersonations attacks to breach physical security.

CTRL Group’s list of penetration tests includes Web Application Testing, Internal Testing, External Testing, Mobile Application Testing, API Testing, Operational Technology Testing and Social Engineering.

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Address 113 Moray Street South Melbourne 3205 Australia
Telephone +61 3002 87528
Email [email protected]

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