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CyberProof (a UST Company)

CyberProof is part of the UST family. Some of the world’s largest enterprises trust us to create and maintain secure digital ecosystems using our comprehensive cyber security platform and mitigation services.

CyberProof a security services company that helps organizations to intelligently manage incident detection and response. Our advanced cyber defense platform enables operational efficiency with complete transparency to dramatically reduce the cost and time needed to respond to security threats and minimize business impact.

SeeMo, our virtual analyst, automates and accelerates cyber operations by learning and adapting from endless sources of data and responds to requests by providing context and actionable information. This allows our nation-state cyber experts and your team to prioritize the most urgent incidents and proactively identify and respond to potential threats.

We collaborate with our global clients, academia and the tech ecosystem to continuously advance the art of cyber defense.

Accredited Services

Penetration Testing
Adarsh Sreenivasan Vasanthakumari Nair
+91 79943 17222
[email protected]

UST offers security services which include vulnerability management programs, vulnerability assessments, and penetration testing.

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Security Operations Centres (SOC)
Chee Keong Law / Joo Khuan Quek / Vijay Raghav
+65 9237 5618 / +65 9680 3946 / +91 98952 85033
[email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]

CyberProof UST works as an extension of your team to intelligently manage incident detection and response by leveraging our cloud-based SOC Orchestration, Automation, and Response platform. We perform continuous monitoring of security events and triaging of alerts as they emerge in any of your environments, as well as incident handling, security analytics, threat hunting, and managed response capabilities. In parallel, we continuously develop new threat detection content, workbooks, and dashboards and maintains existing content.

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Address UST Global Campus Technopark Phase 2 Kulathur Trivandrum 695583 India

Address UST Menachem Begin 132 Triangular Tower 41st Floor Tel Aviv Israel

Address UST 300 Beach Road #11-05/06 The Concourse Singapore 199555
Telephone +65 9680 3946
Email [email protected]

Joo Khuan Quek

Address Placa d'Ernest Lluch I Martin 5 7 Floor 08019 Barcelona Spain