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InTheCyber Group SA

Since 2008, InTheCyber Group supports companies and institutions in verifying the real effectiveness of implemented defense systems, leading to a virtuous path towards the continuous presidium of Cyber Security and its Governance.

InTheCyber Group and its member companies (InTheCyber Srl and InTheCyber Suisse SA) holistic perspective organize its experts in 3 teams: White: Governance Auditing & Consulting; Red team: Adversary Simulations; Blue team: Defensive Consulting & Services.

In 2019, a new company joined the group: ITC Security Solutions, specialized in scouting and integration of Cyber Security innovative technologies.

Besides, InTheCyber Group R&D Labs study, on one side, the technical evolution of the attack patterns held by hackers, criminal organizations and advanced espionage entities and on the other, thanks to the job of the member company Memento Labs, they are strongly active in the Cyber Intelligence field with the design and development of advanced solutions for LEA-INT investigation support.

Accredited Services

Penetration Testing
Luca Martignon
+39 3920 747915
[email protected]
  • Web Application Penetration Test
  • WA Penetration Test
  • Advanced WA Penetration Test
  • Mobile Application Penetration Test
  • Internal Penetration Test
  • Insider Threat Simulation
  • DarkSide Ops Penetration Test
  • Wi-Fi Penetration Test
  • WLAN Authentication Penetration Test
  • Rogue & Not-authorized Access Point Identification
  • Wireless Man-In-The-Middle Attack test
  • Real-Life Attack Simulation
  • CyberCrime Ops Simulation
  • Industrial Espionage Ops Simulation
  • Bulletproof Industry 4.0 (ICS/SCADA Pentest) Offensive
  • External Penetration Test.
  • Internal Penetration Test.
  • Physical Penetration Test.
  • Wireless Technologies Penetration Test.
  • Industrial Control Systems Pre-Production Penetration Test.
  • Industrial Control Systems Production Penetration Test.
  • Social Engineering Attacks Simulation
(No CREST qualified consultants for this service)
Address Via Vegezzi 4 CH-6900 Lugano Switzerland
Telephone +39 3920 747915
Email [email protected]

Luca Martignon