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IT Governance Ltd

IT Governance Ltd is a leading cyber security risk management solutions provider. We help you eliminate the hassle and cost of applying for Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certification through our simple and quick online application process. We also offer additional support through our “Get a Little Help” and “Get A Lot of Help” support packages, in addition to our special documentation toolkit, which includes all the policies and procedures you need to meet the certification scheme’s requirements. IT Governance also provides broader consultancy into other areas of cyber security and data privacy, in addition to being one of the UK’s leading providers of books, training courses, staff awareness e-learning, tools, penetration testing services and software.

Accredited Services

Cyber Security Incident Response

Our Emergency Cyber Incident Response service will help organisations respond to a potentially devastating cyber incident, enabling you to quickly resume operations, get back to business as usual, and minimise the costs of remediation and any potential fines or legal repercussions.

This service includes Incident management which includes:

  • Incident identification, containment, eradication, recovery, and post incident review
  • Forensics investigation
  • Reporting
  • Communications

GRCI can also provide support organisations in the event of data breach

(No CREST qualified consultants for this service)
Penetration Testing
James Pickard
+44 (0)1353 771037
[email protected]

IT Governance makes penetration testing easy to buy and easy to understand through our fuss-free and detailed technical reports. Our fixed-cost packages are ideal for small and medium-sized organisations. For organisations with more complex objectives or sensitive environments, we will provide you with a bespoke solution, following a detailed scoping discussion. We offer a range of CREST-accredited pentests, which can provide network testing, web application testing, wireless network testing and PCI DSS testing services. Using robust methodologies, our team can provide you with the technical assurance you need. All our penetration tests comply with the Microsoft Rules of Engagement.

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Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

IT Governance’s VA and pen testing services are an effective and economical method of determining the security of your networks and web applications, you to identify the best way to protect its assets.  

Our team of CREST-accredited consultants will apply robust methodologies to provide you with the technical assurance you need. By adopting a threat-based approach, we can deliver a realistic and targeted appraisal of the current state of your security and the risks attackers pose to your business.  

Our services include the following tests:

  • network infrastructure
  • web applications
  • wireless networks
  • simulated phishing attacks.

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Address Unit 3 Clive Court
Bartholomew’s Walk
Cambridgeshire Business Park
Telephone +44 (0)845 070 1750
Email [email protected]

Kelvin Cater

01353 771012

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