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Kroll LLC

Kroll, the global leader in risk management, mitigation and response, delivers a wide range of solutions that span investigations, due diligence, compliance, cyber security and physical security. Clients partner with Kroll for the highest-value intelligence and insight to drive the most confident decisions about protecting their companies, assets and people.

Kroll is recognized for its expertise, with 40 years of experience meeting the demands of dynamic businesses around the world. Headquartered in New York City with offices in more than 29 cities in 17 countries, Kroll provides global coverage through offices in every major metropolitan center in the United States and strategic locations in the EMEA, North and South America, Asia and Australasia regions.

Kroll maintains a network of highly trained in-country professionals who possess invaluable insight into local customs and cultures. We are prepared to respond to your global needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Accredited Services

Penetration Testing

Kroll offers sophisticated penetration testing solutions that help you safely replicate the potential actions of a malicious attacker. We can look at your organisation’s systems and protocols holistically, from the viewpoint of both an attacker, and a responder. Our findings can help give your organisation an accurate understanding of its cyber security weaknesses, thereby enabling you to identify and fortify vulnerable areas.

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Non-Accredited Services

Security Architecture
(No CREST qualified consultants for this service)
Address Nexus Place
25 Farringdon Street
Telephone +44 (0)20 7029 5156
Email [email protected]

Andrew Beckett

Address The Shard 32 London Bridge Street London SE1 9SG UK
Telephone +44 (0)20 7029 5156
Email [email protected]

Andrew Beckett

Address Kroll
a division of Duff & Phelps (Australasia)
Level 17
9 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone +61 406 389 676
Email [email protected]

Richard Davies

Address Kroll Associates (S) Pte Ltd (Asia)
36 Robinson Road
#09-01 City House
Singapore 068877
Telephone +65 6645 4956
Email [email protected]

Siong Por Goh

+65 9738 9360

Address Kroll Associates (Asia) Level 3 Three Pacific Place 1 Queen's Road East Hong Kong
Telephone +852 2884 7763
Email [email protected]

Paul Jackson

Address Kroll Associates Inc 55 E 52 Street Floor 31 New York NY 10055 USA
Telephone +1 212 593 1000
Email [email protected]

Jason Smolanoff