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Mercury Information Security Services Pty Ltd

Mercury Information Security Services are one of Australia’s leading cyber security consultancies. Founded in 2015, the organisation provides an array of assurance services to support cyber security activities for businesses within the Asia Pacific.

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Penetration Testing

Edward Farrell
+61 414 830 713
[email protected]

.Mercury Information Security Services (Mercury) are a leading provider of information security services, advice and consulting in Australia. Since its inception in late January 2015, Mercury ISS has provided traditional cyber security services with a focus on customer service to meet the changing requirements of the Australian market.

Our approach to testing services is assurance driven; we seek to understand the intent of testing and provide outcomes to meet key requirements. This may range from a whole of business assessment, to specific technical domains, to supporting a project and providing peace of mind for key stakeholders. Where possible, we leverage established industry standards (including those set down by CREST), identify an approach and deliver in a seamless manner.

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Address Level 8
11 York St
Sydney 2000
Telephone +61 414 830 713
Email [email protected]

Edward Farrell