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Mishcon de Reya

Based in London with offices in Singapore and Dubai, Mishcon de Reya services an international community of clients and provides advice in situations where the constraints of geography often do not apply. The work we undertake is cross-border, multi-jurisdictional and complex.

Our clients are dynamic and sophisticated and we reflect that in our belief in challenging the conventional or accepted ways of working. We like to solve problems quickly. We fiercely guard our clients’ interests, recognising the significant nexus between business affairs and personal affairs and the ways in which this affects our clients.

We appreciate the privilege of sitting alongside our clients as a trusted advisor. Building strong personal connections to our clients and their businesses is important to us. It is for these reasons we say ‘It’s business. But it’s personal’.

Accredited Services

Cyber Security Incident Response

Our incident response support includes all the guidance and expertise to navigate your business to full recovery – this can range from an advisory role through to incident management lead. Alongside these roles our consultants can orchestrate technical and legal activities, working alongside your IT, management, and legal teams as necessary.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence (STAR)

We provide strategic cyber threat intelligence advisory services that can help clients understand and defend against the threats most likely to affect them.

We provide clients with evidence-based insights relevant to the threats facing client business industry sector, technology and geographic regions. Our analysis of attacks and practical, insightful mitigation advice is matched to the nature of clients' business and security controls.

CREST Qualified Consultants:
CREST Certified Threat Intelligence Manager:
Penetration Testing

We provide intelligence-led security testing services that can help clients understand their security posture, and have assurance that cyber security is well implemented.

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Government Schemes

GBEST Threat Intelligence
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TIBER EU (Europe)
Address Africa House 70 Kingsway Holborn London WC2B 6AH UK
Telephone +44 (0)20 3321 7000
Email [email protected]

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