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Nexagate Sdn Bhd

Nexagate Sdn Bhd is one of ASEAN's Leading Cyber Security Consulting and Services Provider and we have delivered trusted security solutions to more than 250 organizations across many verticals since 2010. We are ISO27001-certified since 2012 in the area of Information Security Consulting, Security Posture Assessment and Managed Security Services and have been granted MSC-status company in 2013 under Global Business Services. We are also a certified Penetration Testing Service Provider under the CyberSecurity Malaysia PTSP scheme.

We aim to help organizations regardless of any sizes improve their security processes, achieve compliance and protect their data with our range of cloud-based managed security solutions. 

Accredited Services

Penetration Testing
Khairul Naim Bin Zainal Abidin
+603 2935 9363
[email protected]

Many regulatory programs require Penetration Tests as proof of due diligence in hardening networks against attack and misuse. Nexagate delivers both the technical skill and the business sensitivity to deliver in-depth Penetration Tests that thoroughly evaluate the real-world security performance of people, process, technology while fully protecting data and preventing disruption of normal business operations.

Each Penetration Test is performed by experienced professionals, and is customized for each customer to ensure accuracy and safety. Results of tests are documented and details how an intruder might gain access to internal systems under specific conditions, and the necessary steps to prevent such an intrusion in the future.

The key advantage to Nexagate’s Penetration Testing program is our deep knowledge of information security infrastructure and industry-specific regulatory requirements. We regularly perform Penetration Test that assess general network security preparedness, as well as regulation-specific tests that directly evaluate compliance with ISMS, PCI-DSS and others.

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Address BO2-D-13A-1 Menara 3 Boutique Office 2 KL Eco City Jalan Bangsar Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Telephone +603 2935 9363
Email [email protected]

Khairul Naim

Address PT Glostek Aplus Teknologi Indonesia DBS Bank Tower L28 Ciputra World One Jl Prof Dr Satrio Jakarta 12940 Indonesia

Address PT Glostek Aplus Teknologi Indonesia (Nexagate) DBS Bank Tower L28 Ciputra World One JI Prof Dr Satrio Jakarta 10220 Indonesia