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Obrela Security Industries SA

Obrela Security Industries provides information security consulting services and products to assess and manage risk in complex enterprise environments.  Our services cover key aspects of information security including management frameworks;  threat/risk profiling;  process modeling;  on-line transaction integrity;  critical infrastructure resilience and sustainability;  wireless and wired networks analysis;  education and awareness;  crisis management;  and compliance.

Accredited Services

Cyber Security Incident Response

George Papamargaritis
[email protected]
Emergency Help: +30 211 800 3865

Obrela Security Industries (OSI) applies CSIR procedures in the context of a set of Real Time Threat Management Process, followed by OSI in their SIEM service.  The Real Time Threat Management process is comprised of a number sub-processes and acts as a wrapper for the Event Management services.  The process starts with incident identification or incident investigation, continues with the incident resolution, incident escalation and reporting.

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Penetration Testing

Assessments of the network, system and applications security mechanisms that clients apply in order to protect its information resources that go by the organisation’s network.

The aim is to assure that the application is secured applying organisation and technological controls which comply with internationally best security practices, protecting the information that the application processes, stores and manages.  Systems and applications are tested against the known security practices to ensure they adequately protect the business information that “passes” through it.

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Security Operations Centres (SOC)
George Papamargaritis
+30 210 957 3750
[email protected]

OBRELA’s MDR services combine intelligence with security analytics and risk management technology to support real-time threat monitoring and detection. Using state-of-the-art SIEM technology, we collect and analyze security related data from systems, networks, applications, users generating valuable intelligence for cyber security threats.

SOCaaS complements the SIEMaaS offering utilizing and operating our SIEM technology as per client’s security requirements and rules of engagement providing 24x7x365 monitoring, incident escalation and remote security incident response until incidents closure.


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