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OccamSec, LLC


We provide an end-to-end information security service which enables clients to succeed in a hostile environment. With a focus on operational resilience, we are leaders in finding and mitigating advanced and complex risks that often go undetected, resulting in us being a trusted partner of global brands.

With offices in New York, London, Dubai and Honolulu, our team are able to provide services across the world.

Accredited Services

Penetration Testing
Mark Stamford
+1 917 834 4124
[email protected]


Penetration testing is an iterative process that simulates the activities of malicious adversaries outside the network, trying to breach the perimeter. OSec identified critical assets during the initial threat assessment, and then targets these assets during the assessment.  A penetration test typically has three components that inform the next stage and repeat as needed: reconnaissance, enumeration, and exploitation.

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Address 524 Broadway New York NY 10012 USA
Telephone +1 917 834 4124
Email [email protected]

Mark Stamford

Address OccamSec Ltd 49 Greek Street London W1D 4EG UK

Address OccamSec Business Centre Building 1 PO Box 73030 Dubai Internet City Dubai United Arab Emirates