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Security Alliance

As a CREST and Bank of England (CBEST) approved supplier of cyber threat intelligence services, Security Alliance delivers against recognised frameworks with our team of seasoned cyber intelligence professionals and experienced penetration testers.

With a global understanding of the hybrid and complex cyber threat landscape, Security Alliance combines the capabilities of its internal team with some of the world’s leading intelligence and penetration testing service providers.

We combine the field-experience of our highly-trained intelligence staff with the deep specialisations of penetration testers, to bring you the highest quality services, designed and delivered by experts.


Accredited Services

Cyber Threat Intelligence (STAR)

Security Alliance is a Cyber Threat Intelligence consultancy. We fuse together our intelligence analytical team with our technical and testing capability to create detailed, comprehensive and easy consumable cyber intelligence services including:

  • CREST STAR assessments
  • CBEST assessments
  • Cyber threat assessments
  • Cyber threat monitoring
  • Intelligence research and training
  • Personnel target packs

We use conventional and well established intelligence methodologies to provide a complete understanding of client specific, ‘intelligence based scenarios of the cyber environment’.

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Penetration Testing

John Beale
[email protected]

Security Alliance provides a full range of security testing services including:

  • Simulated Attack Services
  • Penetration testing
  • Source code review
  • Web and Mobile application testing
  • Social engineering

The Alliance provides a fully integrated service combining the skills and resources of five CREST member companies, creating a virtual team of circa 150 penetration testers.  This provides clients with a single source of high quality and consistent security testing services.

(No CREST qualified consultants for this service)

Government Schemes

CBEST Threat Intelligence
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GBEST Threat Intelligence
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STAR-FS Threat Intelligence

Security Alliance is a leading provider of STAR, STAR FS, CBEST, GBEST, iCAST and TIBER Threat Assessments. We specialise in the Financial Services, Government and Critical Infrastructure sectors, with additional experience in cross-jurisdictional and complex third party eco-systems. All of the CTI professionals who work on FS STAR engagements are CREST CTIM or CTIA qualified. We partner with 4 CREST FS STAR Red Team providers for a fully integrated and seamless service.

TIBER EU (Europe)
Address Plexal
14 East Bay Lane
Queen Elizabeth Park
E20 3BS
Telephone +44 (0)20 7148 7475
Email [email protected]

John Beale

Address Security Alliance B.V. Overschiestraat 59 Amsterdam 1062 XD Netherlands
Telephone +44 (0)20 7148 7475
Email [email protected]

John Beale