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Synopsys is the world’s largest consulting firm specialising in software security and the leader in helping organisations design, build and maintain secure software.  Our expertise, technologies and training services are a culmination of 20 years of research and thousands of consulting engagements at leading public and private organisations throughout the world.

Accredited Services

Penetration Testing

Synopsys application penetration testers have extensive experience building software – not just breaking it.  They leverage this experience to pinpoint business-critical issues and provide actionable guidance.  You will be able to view your applications through the eyes of both a hacker and a developer to discover where you can improve your security posture.  Our security experts detail findings in written reports and read-outs and provide your team with the guidance needed to remediate issues we uncover.

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Non-Accredited Services

Security Architecture
(No CREST qualified consultants for this service)
Address 185 Berry Street
Suite 6500
San Francisco
CA 94107
Telephone +1 415 321 5200
Email [email protected]

Brian Mizelle

[email protected]

+1 (703) 657 4256Girish Janardhanudu

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+1 415 266 6446

Address 6th Floor 3 Harbour Exchange Square London E14 9GE UK
Telephone +44 (0)20 7510 9022
Email [email protected]

Girish Janardhanudu

Address 300 Beach Road
The Concourse
Singapore 199555
Telephone +65 6296 7433
Email [email protected]

Kabir Mulchandani