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Zoonou Ltd

For more than 10 years Zoonou has helped clients create world-class digital experiences. We’ve delivered over 3,000 projects tested by our UK-based ISTQB accredited team who ensure that products are reliable, intuitive, and built to the highest standard.


Whether we’re providing fully managed consultant-led solutions or a more flexible responsive service, we work collaboratively with organisations to give them the confidence they need to produce outstanding digital products.

From one specialist tester to a scalable team of test analysts, we find the right approach to fit your requirement. At Zoonou, our highly communicative team takes pride in its flexible, dependable and adaptable approach, providing consistency and continuity for all our clients.

Accredited Services

Penetration Testing

Using Zoonou's web application penetration testing service to test a site before launch helps uncover vulnerabilities early and enables your team to implement measures before the site gets delivered to the public.

We aim to find exploits and vulnerabilities within a site or service. Our approach takes the form of a planned attack on an application that looks for security weaknesses, to attempt to gain access to confidential data, content and site features.

Based on OWASP standards, Zoonou provides web application vulnerability assessments supported by our in-house CSTP and CAST certified testers. CSTP and CAST are both CREST accredited courses.

CREST Qualified Consultants:
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Address The Workshop 10-12 St Leonards Road Eastbourne East Sussex BN21 3UH UK
Telephone +44 (0)1323 433700
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